The Guild was born out of a creative restlessness in a group of friends, full of stories to share but no idea of how to do so. After plenty of NaNoWriMo word wars, spontaneous brainstorming and feedback sessions, years of creating characters for role playing games, and one member’s desire to finally create a platform for us to share our work, the Fated Storytellers Guild was founded.

Often referred to as “Fated” among the members, the guild acts as a platform to promote works from all of the creators on an ongoing basis. The guild brings back the use of the serial publishing method from the early 1900’s, where authors would release a chapter or two of their books to a magazine on a weekly basis. Charles Dickens, Alexandre Dumas, Henry James, and Harriet Beecher Stowe are all examples of authors who had at least some of their works published in installments. While we could never expect the same kind of consumer behavior today, the digital era gives authors more control over how and when they would like to publish their stories in a more palatable way for the modern reader. The Guild plans to adopt this method for monthly serial releases.

With chapter installments, you can decide how much of a book you would like to consume at a much lower cost than the typical cost of a whole book, while committing to a smaller portion of a story at a time, a method that may feel less daunting. The hope is that our characters and our worlds will engage you so that you will always want to come back for more!

The guild publishing style will always offer a variety of writing styles, media, and genres to consume. You may find that you like a particular author’s style, or that you like to compare genres from different authors, and our storytellers will provide a constant source of entertainment and engagement for our audiences.