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You’d be hard pressed to find a human being who loves dragons more than Jessie.  Her appreciation for and devotion to fantasy manifested very young, and she began telling stories before she could even read.  Writing has gone from occasional favorite assignments to something she did instead of paying attention in school, to something she’s as obsessed with as reading.  She lives in a snug little place with her true love, her kitten, and her gigantic lapdog, dreaming the days away.

Jessie can write pretty much anywhere, but she is most comfortable in cozy pajamas, in a cozy chair, with a cozy blanket, and a nice cup of tea or coffee.  She finds inspiration everywhere – in the people she meets, the places she goes, in the scenery scrolling past the car window.

The Guild has provided for J.J. a close community in which she can nurture her creativity and voice and has given her the courage to share her words with the wider world.  With the help of her friends, who provide both brainstorming backup and much needed editing, Jessie strives toward a life as a career author.