A historical record of the human entity known as Alex Hughes
Presented by B’naff-haruunumm

As submitted to the Gulok’Tan Primary School to Professor Yuarn-turnimaa

The human organism known as Alex Hughes is native to a region colloquially referred to as the Southwest, having gestated inside a human for a time approximating nine months before a breech birth as an eight-pound, fleshy-potato-with-arms. Being naturally defenseless during this stage of its life, it interacted with its parent species through limited verbal and non-verbal language and developed a fixation on a particular red toy –a cotton construct that humans call a teddy bear that drew no real resemblance to its ursine namesake. Most notably, the toy lacked the claws and teeth that assist the species in predatory endeavors. This teddy bear was named Beddi, and the Alex Hughes organism spontaneously centered an imaginary world around Beddi that Alex shared with its parents in a form of primate bonding.

After the initial growth stage, and through the first quarter of its pubescent physical and mental development, Alex left its desert home and traveled northeast through a mountain range. It took residence in a human colony known as CU Boulder, which housed a great deal of other humans that were roughly the same physical age as Alex. The organism was tutored in the human skill of writing by a series of elderly instructors. After passing a series of tests that claim to quantifiably measure the immaterial nature of a human life, Alex left the colony in search of a new region in which it would begin its adult life.

The Alex Hughes organism traveled eastward across the landmass called by a majority of its inhabitants the United States for many years. Wherever it had attempted to construct a new nest, it would inevitably be forced to abandon it as a result of economic scarcity or social pressures. Two Human calendar years ago, it established itself in the artificial environment that is commonly referred to as Boston. Most of its time is spent in a large rectangular box known as an office building where it fulfills a series of manual and mental tasks in exchange for intangible resources that it can then exchange for food and shelter. It has recently joined in an alliance with a group known as The Fated Storytellers Guild in the hopes that it can employ its writing skill in exchange for intangible resources instead.